Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have A LOT to say

So, prepare yourself! Sit down, get comfy, grab a drink or a snack and get ready because this is going to be a long post! As you can see, I haven't posted since Thanksgiving and I have some stuff to talk about. Ok...

So, first off, the reason why I haven't posted. I have been sick! It all started the day after Thanksgiving with swollen glands and a stiff neck. I spent the next couple of days on the couch with a sore neck and throat and absolutely no energy! Then the cold symptoms really started kicking in. Sore throat, sneezing, nose blowing and even a couple of days with no voice! As if that wasn't bad enough then I got a cough. Now the crappy thing about this cough is the fact that it seems to hide all day and then in the evening and at night when it's bed time I cough and cough and can't stop! It really sucks and I am still experiencing it! And the worst part is not being able to get to sleep at night! I have had this cold for 11 days and it doesn't seem to want to go away. I'm better then I was, but definitely not 100%. If anybody has any sure ways to get rid of this cough and tickle in my throat, please share!

This past Saturday was the craft show in Fredericksburg. My MIL and SIL had a table there with their jewelry and soaps for sale. They did pretty well I guess. I was really impressed by the show. I didn't expect too much for a small town, but there were a lot of sellers and also a lot of people there shopping. It was a really good turn out and that was pretty awesome. Josta & Co. (their company name) had a nice looking table. Unfortunately they probably needed another table and weren't able to get one. But, their products were well displayed and looked really nice! They had some new jewelry pieces that I hadn't seen and they were really beautiful! Like I said, I guess they did pretty well on sales so that was good. Since I was sick all week I didn't get as much stuff made as I wanted. But, I did have some gift tags and some photos for sale at the craft show. Unfortunately I didn't have any sales but that's ok. Hopefully I got my name out there a little. That leads to my next story...

I made my first Etsy sale!!!! Today! I am so excited! I was posting my Christmas gift tags in my shop and I was in the process of putting up the second item when I noticed I had emails. And, the emails were a sale on the first set of tags I put up! This was in less then five minutes! OMG! I'm still bouncing off the wall about this! Hopefully this is the first of many sales! Not only on Etsy but in general. I actually had Denny put up a flyer at his work advertising my tags. So maybe that will bring me some sales too. Please check out my site and see my new tags that are for sale. Also, they can be custom made to any color/pattern so let me know if you want something different then what you see.

Let's see...what else? Christmas is coming and we haven't done a darn thing yet! LOL! I think we'll be doing some shopping this weekend. Just in time for all the snow and really cold weather! Great timing. But oh well. In fact, maybe tomorrow we'll set up the tree and some decorations since it's a blizzard outside and Denny will probably be home all day.
I've been checking out a lot of different Christmas related stuff online lately. Thinking to post about some of the best stuff I've seen. Maybe save that for tomorrow or another day soon. There's a lot of great ideas out there so if you need some ideas check out the web because you're bound to find something to help you!

Ok, so, that's probably enough for today. Hopefully got you all caught up on things in my life. Remember to check out my Etsy site and Josta's site too! Enjoy the blizzard and check back here soon!

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