Friday, August 20, 2010

I am still alive

Yes, I'm still here and still kicking. Just don't have time for blog posting lately. I blog for work so I get kind of blogged out after that. Plus, I seem to be too busy lately to take the time for my blog. But, a comment from a friend pushed me to put up something! LOL! You know who you are. So, other then work and golf, not a whole lot going on in our life. But, I can share with you a couple of the awesome pics of my sister that we took. These are for her senior pics. We got some really great shots of her and we are working on getting them edited and up for her to see. Hard to believe she is a senior this year! Hey, I remember when she was a baby and I would take care of her while the folks were at work or whatever. Now she's a grown up and almost done with school. Crazy how time flies!

And, here is our nephew with his new birthday present! He was pretty excited! His big brother was too!

Wish I had some new scrappy stuff to show you but I haven't really done anything lately. Been doing lots of crafting and creating at work, but not too much at home! Hopefully one of these days!