Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cool stuff that I like

Here's some neat things that I have stumbled upon, come across, seen, and found recently. Thought it would be fun to share.

(Also, Honey, or Santa, if you are reading this, I may like one of these as a last minute Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.) - This is a little quirky, but looks kind of fun and funny!

There was also a calendar/journal that I saw at Barnes and Noble but I can't find it online. I can't remember the name of it and after going through about 500 calendars/planners on their site, I don't see it. Anyway, it was a planner type calendar but it was more of a journal with writing prompts in it and blank pages. Very cool.

Also, there are a ton of awesome things on Etsy! A ton! But here are a few things I have marked fav over the last week or so.

Ok, that's a pretty good list for today! Check out this cool stuff and let me know what you stumble across when you surf the web. Link it in a comment here so I can see it too.

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