Sunday, December 27, 2009

How was the holiday..

So Christmas is past and we all survived. Did you? Well, I hope so! LOL! It was a good holiday for us this year. We celebrated with my side of the family Christmas Eve as we usually do. Had some yummy soup and chili for supper and shared lots of laughs! Christmas Day was spent with hubby's side. Had a more traditional meal with ham and yummy pie. And, lots of kids and present unwrapping and game playing! It was good.
I received a few really good gifts this year. My sis got me a very pretty necklace! I love it! And, her and my step-mom picked out a nice wallet for me. I've been needing that! Hubby got me a gift card! Awesome! And a lens for my camera. We're still kinda working with that one but I think it'll be pretty cool! Plus, I guess there is another gift coming! So, I get to have a little "after Christmas" gift!
I hope that everyone had lots of fun, laughs, and love during their holiday!

On a side note-I'm working on a few things for my Etsy shop, so keep an eye out for that!

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sarah said...

a new lens?! i totally want one of those. maybe i should splurge and treat myself out. what'd you think?! hehehe.