Friday, November 6, 2009

My Etsy is live

I finally have my Etsy site up and running! Yay for me! It is a lot of work to get that thing going. You have to think of all your policies and costs and rules and stuff. Ends up being a lot of work. But, hopefully worth it. I just have 3 photos for sale right now, but I plan to add more stuff soon. Probably some more photos and maybe some scrapbooking stuff. Mini albums or something. Not sure yet. I would love it if you would stop by and check it out. And let me know what you think! The link is on the side of my blog but here it is too:

Been spending time on getting this going the last few days. But, I also created my first jewelry pieces! That was fun and exciting! My SIL and MIL have been making jewelry and I wanted to give it a try but didn't want to buy a lot of stuff I wouldn't like. So, I hung out with them and made a couple of things. Like I said, fun, fun! Still not sure if I want to buy the goodies to make jewelry though. Probably don't need to invest in more stuff that I might not do, and that would crowd up the house! Well, we'll see I guess! LOL!
They are also planning on participating in the craft show in F'burg. So, I decided to make a few things of my own to try and sell too. Right now working on some Christmas gift tags and some cards. Not sure if I will make anything else, but this is a good start.
I believe the show is Dec. 5th. Not sure on times but if you want to know, I can sure find out and post it here. If you're in the area that day, stop by and check out our stuff!

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JM said...

Beautiful photography! I will be keeping an eye on your shop. :)