Friday, May 23, 2008

Here it is!

I received my wonderful prize pack last Friday! Unfortunately I have not had time to upload images until today. As you can see it is a spectacular array of scrappy goodness! First there is a brown Doodlebug brand tote and it was filled with lots of Doodlebug goodies! A craft knife, a mini album, a cutting mat, some glitter chipboard letters, some glitter, some jewels, and a couple of alterable items. As if that isn't good enough, the piece de resistance, a Mimi large rolling tote!!!! This is awesome! I realize you non-scrappers don't understand the excitement behind this, but believe me it is exciting! First of all, this tote retails for $149. Yep. Second, this thing has enough pockets and places and room for everything I could possibly want to take with me anywhere, ever. I can not put into words how frickin' cool this is!!!! Thank you scrapbook. com! What an awesome web site. Enjoy the pics everybody! Don't be surprised if you see me wheeling down the street toting my bag behind me. Empty, with nowhere to go. Just me and my tote, looking good. : )

Strike a pose!

P.S. How cool that my new t-shirt matches my new bag! I am just that good.

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