Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hot Damn, I won!

I entered a contest at sb.com. It was a week long challenge to create a mini album that concentrated on journaling. Well, I am not a fast scrapper, so for me to finish this in a week, actually less, was pretty amazing! The prize was a prize pack of scrapping goodies worth over $200. Yes, $200! And yes, you got it-I WON!!!!!!! I can't frickin' believe it! I am so excited I could just bounce right out of the chair! LOL! Here are some pics of said album. Might as well show it off a bit!

1 comment:

Christian Schroeder-Huber said...

Jodee!!! i so want to see the page with me on it :) haha! you should totaly bring that book next time you come up! i love you big sissy!