Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Look, I made something

You would think I must be on some kind of roll! Actually, I've been working on this page for a couple of weeks. And, it's been done for a few days now. But, hey, I did something, I got it done, and I posted it on my blog! Yay!
The month featured here is Sept. of 2009. It was a very busy and crazy month in our lives. So, I had a lot of journaling to include on my 8x8 page. Usually I just have some writing on the side with the 4x6 pic. But for this month, that wasn't going to work. So the paper that the pic is matted on actually folds open and underneath I have included all my journaling. It's actually a 6x6 piece of paper with writing on both sides and can be taken out and read. The little arrow/game spinner at top keeps the page from coming open. I like it. I think it turned out pretty good. And, the colors are different then I would normally use. I got the yellow gold from the Scrapfest sign and decided it looked pretty good with the photos and the other paper. So, I ran with it!
Thanks for peeking! Later 'gaters!

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