Sunday, January 2, 2011

Change and Motivate

Well, it's that time of year again-the beginning! Time to start fresh, begin again, make resolutions. I don't so much make resolutions, but the past few years I have joined in on the One Little Word campaign. Basically, instead of making resolutions for the year that are often overwhelming, you choose one word that you want to incorporate into your life for the year. There can be numerous reasons you pick a word and each word and each reason is specific to each person that does this. I think it's a great idea and a good way to focus yourself and your energies. Now, honestly, have I done a good job of following my word and using it in my life? No, the last couple of years I have not. I'm really hoping to change that this year.
I am actually picking two words this year. They go together in many ways, but are also their own visions. I couldn't pick one without the other, so I am picking them both. Let me explain them a little. This is also my way of journaling to myself why I am picking these words, what they mean to me, and what I hope to accomplish!
CHANGE-This is the all encompassing word. I want to change a lot of things. About me and in my life. The biggest thing is my weight. I am unhappy with the size I am at and really want to change that. I realize this means exercise, eat less and eat better, and do more. This is why I need to change. Change my lifestyle. Stop with the laziness on the couch. Stop with the major intake of processed and fattening foods. Change the way I live. Change my attitude. Get past the negativity I feel and do something about it. Change the way I think and feel to a more positive way of thinking and feeling.
Along with the main change of losing weight, there are other things that will change. Obviously my attitude and personality will change as I change my lifestyle and hopefully begin to lose weight and feel better about myself. As I change physically, I will change mentally too. Hopefully I will become more active too and change my activities. Change my hobbies, change what I enjoy doing. I'm sure I will never be some major athlete. That's not who I am. But, I would really like to be a more active person. Someone who is willing to get up and go do whatever at any time. Instead of being the person who is too comfy on the couch to bother getting up and doing something. Yep, that's a big change!
Along with the change of attitude, and the change of activities, comes also a change of income/spending. I need more of the first, and less of the second! Who doesn't? But, as I pursue my lifestyle change, I may also pursue some changes in what I do. Where I do it. How I make my money. Does this mean a job change? No, but it may mean a dedication change, or an additional way to make money. Basically, I want to explore my options. I also hope to make some changes with Denny's business and how well we keep records. I need to do some learning in order to do things correctly and that will make a positive change for the both of us.
MOTIVATE-What I need in order to accomplish all this change is Motivation! I seem to have a lot of motivation in my head. Lots of ideas and desires all floating around in there. But, I never seem to get up and do it. Get up and accomplish something. Get up and go exercise. Get up and go learn something new. Get up. Get motivated. That's what I need to do. So, how do I motivate myself? That really is the question. Do I involve someone else to push me? Would that person be Denny, or a friend, or a stranger like a trainer, or someone/a class from online? Would that do it? Do I need to take a class or a course to teach me how to accomplish my goals? Do I need to do this in my own head and of my own accord? Is that the only way I will really do this, is by pushing myself? Should I reward myself? No scrappy supplies until I accomplish something? Or a nice supper with my hubby after I meet a goal? Am I better with a punishment? Take away my puter time if I don't get something done? Extra house chores if I don't accomplish what I want? Honestly, I am not sure what route I need to take in order to get motivated! But, I do know, I have to do something. I may need to take baby steps, I may need to jump in head first. Not sure yet what will work for me. But, I gotta do it!

Anyway, if you've read through all of this, you've learned a lot about me! LOL! Some of the deeper inside stuff that is in me, but not many see or hear about. Again, like I said, this blog post is a great way for me to journal all of this and make myself accountable for what I need to do. Plus, maybe I will help inspire someone else. Or, maybe someone or something will come to me and be what I need to go forward. You just never know. Speaking of inspiration, I want to share a link to a blog post from Cathy Z. Cathy is someone I follow because she's a scrapper, a graphic artist, and funnier then shit! She decided to embark on a journey at the beginning of 2010 and lost weight, ate healthier, and became quite the athlete. She is an everyday person and she is an inspiration to me. This recent post really makes me want to do this and really makes me thankful for people like her. Read it here.

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Jill Sarginson said...

Great posts! I love your words! I just posted about mine today - mine is believe. :) Such a great exercise to do!! Good luck with everything you want to get done!