Monday, March 15, 2010

Netbook Typing

Yes, that's right, I'm coming to you from the world of netbook users and owners! We recently purchased ourselves an Asus 10" netbook!! It's so fun and cute! And it's so light and easy to hold and move around! I think I love it! LOL! Plus, Denny can use it for business and it will be very handy.
State pool is this week too. Denny is playing in the Master's division in 9 ball, 8 ball, and of course 8 ball teams! This is the first year he has chosen to play Master's in the singles. But, he wanted to give it a try and see how he does. Plus there's less people, so it's a little quicker to the top! Looking forward to a few days away from home and lots of pool playing. I will try to remember to post mid week and let you all know how it's going. But, I can't promise that I will remember. ; )

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