Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's me, I'm here

So, I've gotten right back into the swing of things-meaning that I am not blogging like I should be! I don't know what it is with me, sometimes I go crazy with entries and sometimes I just disappear. Well, to catch you up on what's going on. We bought an elliptical machine a couple of weeks ago, so that has been our newest workout obsession. Ok, maybe not obsession, but we're trying it out! LOL! Recently we also purchased a program card for it for me to use. It has workouts built into it and it motivates you to keep at it! I''ve done two of those now and it really is a workout! But I feel good to accomplish them and know that I am doing something! I'm also trying really hard to quit drinking pop. At least at home. This is easier said then done, of course. But at least I'm trying. Really getting into tea and iced tea lately. It's healthy and calorie and sugar free so it's a good choice.
Still haven't found a job. I'm looking, nothing is looking back! LOL! Hopefully something will turn up. So, if you know of something that I would like, let me know.
Taking this opportunity to say Happy 60th Birthday to my Dad!! His b-day is actually Sunday March7, but I probably won't post again before that. We put an announcement in the Cresco shopper which will publish today. So, I'm sure he'll be thrilled about that! But, hey, you only turn 60 once and it's no fun if someone doesn't pick on you! I'm also having him and Vicki and Christian over for dinner on Sunday. Then I suppose we will have a drink or two and play some pool or maybe even the Wii. I guess we'll see. But, hopefully it will be fun and be a good birthday for him.
State pool is coming up too. Seems so far away and then suddenly the time just flies and it's here! It's in Cedar Rapids this year which we are not too pumped about, but we'll see how it goes. Hopefully Denny and his team do really well! He has been practicing and shooting good lately so I think he will do fine! I'll be there to cheer him on! LOL!
Ok, well, not too much else right now. Glad to get a post up again on the blog. I'll leave ya with a couple of pictures. This is the card I made for Denny for Valentines. I love the blue and brown with a touch of red! Makes it more masculine but still focuses on love. Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think.

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