Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Vacation Day 3

Are you anxiously awaiting the next installment of our vacation story? Well, so am I. LOL! I suppose that means I better write it, huh? Ok, here goes...
Friday we left our northern oasis to travel back a little further south. After breakfast we hit the road to Minneapolis. Why you ask? For Scrapfest of course! What is Scrapfest? Oh, let me tell you. Once a year scrapbookers from all over the world gather at the Mall of America for lots of classes, crafting, shopping, star sightings, and meetings with the product companies! This is all put on by Archivers. Which is a totally cool store that is only found in big cities, i.e. Minneapolis or Des Moines. This is my third year of going and I love it! I have so much fun going to classes and learning new things and working with new product. I also go shopping and spend lots of money on cool scrappy stuff that I can't get around home! Can you tell this excites me? LOL! While I am doing that stuff, Denny wanders around the mall and finds cool things to do and see. This year he went to a NASCAR simulator. He said it was pretty fun! The photo below shows one of the main class areas and a small shopping area. There are at least ten more class areas that are just as big and they all have classes simultaneously. It's awesome!

So, anyway, back to our scheduled vacation program. On our way to the cities, we went past Lake Mille Lacs. Oh my goodness if this isn't one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! This lake is pretty much big enough that you can't see the other side. It's totally cool! Of course we stopped and took some photos and enjoyed the sight. While we were there, there was a guy getting ready to go wind surfing. We watched him for awhile too, although we didn't have a lot of time to spend. He got his sail up a couple of times while we watched, but didn't really get on the board. It was cool to see though.

We drove to Minneapolis and my classes were at 2 and 3:00. We almost didn't make it in time for my first one because we ran into a traffic jam or something. But, luckily, we got there. After my classes we decided to go check into our room. I had booked a room at the Hilton Homewood Inns and Suites. Well, let me tell you, it was awesome! All the rooms here are suites and I mean a full suite! A little kitchen and everything! It was a really great room and definitely worth the price. If you ever go to the mall and want to stay overnight, I recommend this place. Plus, it is right across the street. Below, the view out our window.

This is the kitchen!

The bathroom. All Neutrogena products, very nice.

After some shopping at the mall we finally went to eat supper. No, we didn't have pizza again, we went to TGIF!! I love this place and we eat there every year because it is the only time we get to eat there. They have super yummy food. And, they are right across from the mall too! After supper we ventured to Mystic Lake casino. This place is huge! I mean huge! This is biggest casino I have ever seen! We usually go our own way in casinos, but not in this one. Because, we never would have found each other again! Quite an amazing sight and especially at night! That ends our Friday, our day 3 of vacay. I will fill you in on the final day tomorrow. Stop by again.
Oh, by the way, I wanted to share with you the gift that Denny got me at the mall. Just a little something as a surprise. He is so sweet.

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very nice. will you wear it tomorrow night?