Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our vacation Day 2

Thursday 09/17/09 was the second day of our vacation. It was also our 4 year anniversary! We spent the morning doing a little driving. Looking at lakes, and seeing the trees and forests. Such wonderful scenery, you don't really get sick of seeing it.

We had a 1:00 tee time at Golden Eagle Golf course. Wow, this was quite the place! This course was super hilly! Ten times more so then Big Rock in Fayette. It was amazing and beautiful, but to be honest, almost too hard. Some of these holes were almost ridiculous! LOL! We did the best we could though and kept plugging on. It was also hot that day which made it even harder to keep going! Who knew that northern Minnesota in September would be 85 degrees?!
Here is a shot of Hole #5. This was a par 5 that dog legged to the left.

This is a par 3. I believe it was 185 yds. from the men's tee. Isn't this hole just amazing looking? It's gorgeous, but just plain scary! LOL!

These steep grade signs were not unusual at this course! Almost every hole had a steep hill of some sorts. A couple of the cart paths were steeper then 45 degrees! No lie. Have you ever been vertical in a golf cart going up a path and hoping the darn electric cart has enough power to make it up? Well, I have now and I didn't really enjoy it! LOL!

After our golf day we were tired and beat and lazy. We had planned on getting dressed up and going for a nice supper for our anniversary. But, neither one of us really felt like it. So, we had pizza again! This time we went to Zorbaz which was kind of a unique place with very unique pizzas! We stayed pretty normal with a bacon cheeseburger pizza but they offered ones that were really different! They even had one with peanut butter on it! ??? Too weird for us!

We spent the rest of the evening in our room. Watching tv, scrapping a little and snuggling! All in all, it was a good anniversary!
Don't forget to stop in tomorrow for Day 3.

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