Sunday, September 14, 2008

Here in Minneapolis

Sitting in the hotel in Minneapolis listening to the planes come in. I've heard 3 the last 15 minutes or so. It's so cool! And, they are flying so low already when they come over the mall and the hotels it's just awesome! It's only 7 a.m. on a Sunday and I really don't want to be awake. But, sleeping in hotels is hard for me. The bed is never right, noises wake me up, and I'm just antsy and excited to be here. So, while the hubby sleeps, I'm surfing the net and writing to you all!
Scrapfest was great again this year! I recommend it to anyone who is even a little interested in scrapbooking! It is so much fun and so educational. I took two classes this year instead of one like last year. I'm glad I did. My first class was with Scrappy Cat/Darice company. Now honestly I had never heard of this company but the class sounded fun so I took it. I am so glad I did! They gave us a boat load of supplies and they are really nice things! Definitely worth more then what I paid for the class. We made a 8x8 album. They gave us an album with all the papers precut for the pages. Then it was up to you to put them together and add some embellishments! So cool. Also very nice people. A husband and wife started this company. If you have a chance, check out their website or blog. I will get a link when I can.
My second class was with Hero Arts and was taught by Jennifer Maguire. That's why I took it. She is a pretty famous scrapbooker. In this class we put together a clear acrylic tag mini album. It was very cool taking a class with Jennifer, she is a very good scrapbooker and I have seen her work all over the place. The class itself was very fast paced. This is ok, although I had a little trouble keeping up. But, that's good for me too. I am a slow scrapper so this takes me out of my box and makes me try something new/different. Speaking of that I used Stazon ink for the first time to stamp on the tags. That stuff was different and hard to clean off. I don't think I like it although it was nice on the acrylic. Probably won't be buying any though. We got our little album supplies and a nice set of stamps in this class. I also won a door prize and got another set of stamps for Christmas. These will be nice to have.
All in all, very good class experiences. Again, I recommend to anyone. Plus, it's the Mall of America! We are talking shopping here people!!!! How can you go wrong!

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