Monday, April 4, 2011

A couple of cards

Just wanted to share a couple of cards that I have made for Denny.  This is his Valentine's card and his birthday card.  Nothing too fancy but lots of fun to make and very well received!
Haven't done too much creating lately.  We've had state pool, and we have both been sick.  Hopefully I'll sit down today or soon and make some stuff.  I need to get going on a scrapbook for my sister.  She graduates this year and I plan to make a book for her for her party and for her to keep.  Got some supplies bought and set aside, just gotta get working on it!  Easier said then done of course.
Waiting for spring to arrive.  We've had a few warmer temps, but certainly not what I would consider spring weather!  Not really looking forward to cleaning up the yard and flower beds, but definitely excited to get started on the veggie garden!  I know it's early yet, but I'm missing those fresh vegetables.  Hopefully mother nature helps out soon and gives us that nice weather we need, and hopefully when she does, I'll have the time and ambition to get outside and do something!  Have any of you done any work outside yet?  What are you looking forward too for spring?

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