Tuesday, October 6, 2009

IKEA and me

One thing I didn't write about from our vacation was our stop at IKEA. The IKEA store is right next to the mall in Minneapolis. We went there Sat. morning before we left to come home. All I can say is OMG! This store is heaven! A heaven full of a lot of annoying people, but still heaven! LOL! That place was packed and we were there shortly after they opened. Maybe that was the problem. Anyway... Not sure if any of you have been to IKEA, or even heard of it. They are a furniture/home decor store. Their stuff is pretty good quality and cheap! I mean, hello, are you kidding me?, cheap! I've seen their stuff online and I've seen pics of stuff that other people have bought there. But, you don't get the full realm of what they have until you actually walk through their store! I was in love! I saw so much stuff that I liked and wished I had, could have, or will have! We found shelves that we want out in our pool room. I also found some shelving I'd like to have for scrap storage. And, they show whole room set-ups and I saw a kitchen that I am in love with!! Oh, dreaming I know! I sure wish they had stores in smaller cities. Like Waterloo or Rochester! That would be cool! Thankfully they have a website to order from.
Just to let you know-if you ever decide to visit IKEA-wear comfortable walking shoes, be prepared for a lot of people, and give yourself A LOT of time! Believe me!
Here's their web if you want to check it out: http://www.ikea.com/us/en

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triciapeever said...

"A heaven full of a lot of annoying people, but still heaven! " HAHAHa, oh that is my experience EVERY time I go to Ikea, but oh how I love Ikea. it's worth the annoyance.