Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good things to reflect on

Ali did this on her blog the other day. She got it from the Simple Woman's Day Book. Today Cathy Z decided to copy the sentence starters and fill out her answers also. Well, if two of my fav scrappers are doing it, I'm gonna do it too!

I'm filling it out at work right now. I think my answers would be different if I was at home.

Outside my window... It is really hot and I am glad I have air conditioning!

I am thinking... I would rather be scrapping or golfing, instead of working.

I am thankful for... my husband.

From the kitchen... tonight we might grill steaks. With that I will probably have some vegies.

I am wearing... my work shirt and slacks.

I am creating... in my head right now. I am always thinking about some sort of project etc.

I am going... to scrap this weekend because hubby is playing golf with some buddies.

I am reading... Jillian Michael's Master your Metabolism and also Scrapbooks Etc. mag.

I am hoping... that it cools off a little outside over the next few days! It is really hot and humid right now.

I am hearing... the radio playing. I always have it on in the background.

Around the house... there are the usual things that need to be done! It never ends!

One of my favorite things... foot rubs from my hubby!

A few plans for the rest of the week... work of course and hopefully get in some golf. And hopefully scrap on Saturday!

Well, that's a little look at me today. This would make good journaling for a layout. I'll post it when I get it done.

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Scrappinraiderfan said...

Awesome blog! Love the reflection questions.